Hola, I’m Andrea

Fruitfullynourishing was born out of my fierce desire to flourish during midlife 

and embrace this time as an amazing opportunity to up level and create extraordinary wellness and elegance.

A bit of my story

Raised in a broken, yet loving, home by a single mother had its challenges. Seeing her dependence on God, became foundational. Being confronted with the absence of a father later led to a relationship restored. 

“No matter what we face, the word of God is inspiring.” Andrea


At the age of 12 and already showing signs of thyroid, digestive issues –and always bloated. Going into my teenage years, I then battled with cystic acne, ear infections, insulin resistance. By the age of 20, I had pretty much tried every cream, antibiotic, Chinese herb and Western herb. I lived my life jumping from one fad diet to the next.

My self-love and health journey began during a very chaotic moment in my life. I was a victim of narcissistic abuse (not by my sons father), while working full-time, attending school and working as a part-time Realtor.  Also, I was raising my son, running a household, and overweight. 

I was battling with digestive issues, anemia, insulin resistance, heart palpitations and fibroids. Fibroids are a DEFINITE sign of a hormonal imbalance, specifically estrogen dominance.  I gained so much weight I could not get rid of no matter what I did. I was suffocating from guilt, shame, full of regret and remorse. I was making poor lifestyle choices.  Basically, I was a hot mess! 

My health didn’t become a priority until my mother  lost her battle to pancreatic cancer in 2013.  Losing a loved one to a health related illness and discovering that cancers in the family were related to hormones, was A WAKE UP CALL FOR ME.

I was concerned that my life would be heading in the same direction.  I looked at my lifestyle and realized I needed to make a change. 

I Found Balance…

In 2013, I ended my 9 year relationship and started focusing on reclaiming my health and drawing closer to God. Four years later I signed up for my first bikini competition. Due to a restrictive diet that lacked certain nutrients and drinking BCAA’s I discovered a lump in my left breast. I was worried that the lump was breast cancer. My mammogram results revealed that the lump was benign.

I changed my diet, did lymphatic massages, infrared saunas, daily movement, included supplements that help detox xenoestrogens and added more fiber.  After about a year or so, the lump was gone.

My life turned around yet again in peri-menopause…

Like many women, I was completely unprepared for my own personal journey into peri-menopause. Sudden weight gain, acne, cervical dysplasia, painful periods, heart palpitations, brain fog, dry mouth, low ferritin, hiatal hernia and anxiety left me questioning my value as a woman.

Doctors could not help. In fact, they offered me anti-depressants and birth control to manage my hormones! I knew that wasn’t the answer. So, I started researching and tested my hormones and gut….

The test results showed that I had multiple hormone imbalances and gastritis. I had no idea how powerful hormones and your gut health play in how you look and feel.

I began praying to God for relief from my physical burdens, and he answered my prayers.  God gave me every bit of advice and wisdom I needed to heal my body. 

The beginning of healing...

After receiving my certification in Integrative Health, I decided to take matters into my own hands and HEAL myself.  I made the decision to take back control of my health, body, and life in general with the conscious effort to replace unhealthy eating patterns with more nutritious foods and detoxing.

I renewed my mind and resolved a traumatic emotional past. I reached out to God, and he answered my prayers.

My mood, energy and weight stabilized, my hair grew back thick and full, my skin literally started glowing and my sleep improved.

By eating the right foods, eliminating potential allergens, detoxing, reducing harmful inflammation in my body and taking supplements that help balance my hormones, I’m able to manage my symptoms. And…now I want to help you do the same.

I help midlife women heal instead of diet; and teach you how to eat for life so you can regain your energy and self-confidence to refocus on yourself and create a guilt-free lifestyle that fills you up daily. As coach, I’m passionate about helping you discover what serves, energizes and fuels you.

*No opinion on this site has been evaluated or approved by the FDA.  Please work with a health practitioner for any medical questions. 

Are you ready to live your best midlife?

There are three important components to help you get there:

Reduce Insulin & Inflammation

One of the best ways to reduce inflammation and balance hormones is by eating a nutritious, whole-food-based, anti-inflammatory diet. Load up on fruits, veggies, protein, fiber & healthy fats.

Reduce Endocrine Disruptor Exposure

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are natural or human -made chemicals that may mimic, block, or interfere with the body’s hormones, which are part of the endocrine system. These chemicals are associated with a wide array of health issues.


Hormone balance supplements work by providing your body with nutrients it needs to product hormones. They can also regulate hormone levels. This can help reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalances and restore balance to your system. I’m not against BHRT and recommend it when needed to help with dementia, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis-especially post-menopause.

Fun Facts

About Me…
  • I love rocking out on the guitar, hiking, painting and equally love high heels, perfume and anything pink.
  • I am obsessed with all things 1980s, especially the music.
  • Professional Latin dancer.
  • Shower singer!
  • I’m a Tech, Research and Digital Marketing geek.

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