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Hi Beautiful!

I’m Andrea, and I help women 40+, reclaim their health and balance their hormones naturally using whole foods and lifestyle design so you can take back control of you life from what you eat and how you look, to what you do and how you feel. I help you heal instead of diet; and teach you how to eat for life so you can regain your energy and self-confidence to refocus on yourself and create a guilt-free lifestyle that fills you up daily. As coach, I’m passionate about helping you discover what serves, energizes and fuels you. Because once you realize that it’s the choices you make that hold you back or fuel you forward, the possibilities are limitless.

Just a little bit about me..

For over 15+ years I struggled with symptoms of hormonal imbalance, including heavy, painful periods, mood swings, anxiety, depression, digestive/gut issues, weight gain, hair loss, breast cyst and acne. I thought this was all just a “normal” part of being a woman with a period every month. I was tired all the time, frustrated, overwhelmed and felt like giving up. When I looked in the mirror, I no longer recognized the woman staring back at me and desperately wanted to change.

A New Found Purpose

My personal health and wellness did not become a priority until my mother suffered a diabetic stroke in 2001 and then she lost her battle to pancreatic cancer in 2013. Being in an unhealthy relationship and losing a loved one to a health related illness was a WAKE UP CAL FOR ME. I was concerned that my life would be heading in the same direction.  I went to numerous of doctors, but all they did was prescribe medication on top of medication. Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands and heal myself. I made the decision to take back control of my health, body, and life.  

And how it’s going now….

After receiving my certification health, life and wellness I began implementing my new learnings into my daily life. And the results were…astonishing, in the best possible way. I began having regular, dependable menstrual cycles for the first time EVER, and my symptoms diminished overtime. It was the end of midol and heating pads. My mood, energy and weight stabilized, my hair grew back thick and full, my skin literally started glowing and my sleep improved. I developed a new way of eating that repaired and kept my hormones running smoothly. I removed all toxic beauty products, cookware and optimized my gut and liver health. By removing toxins from my diet and reducing inflammation in my body, I’d effectively reset my body back to zero, giving myself a clean slate from which to move forward. Detoxing really did change everything for me. I began to experience an amazing transformation… Never did I imagine that there could be a connection between what I ate (and didn’t eat) and how I lived my life. Sure, I lost weight, but I also got rid of so many things that I didn’t even KNOW were holding me back from living a fruitful life.

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 Let’s Do This Together

All of this to say, I did not believe feeling this good was possible beforehand, especially without making sacrifices (i.e. some crazy diet or strict plan). But I’m here to tell you balanced hormones can be achieved through the most DELICIOUS food and seriously enjoyable (yet effective) action steps. And I’m here to help you do just that, every step of the way If you’re ready to explore the best possible version of yourself . . . are you ready for the next chapter in your life and to kick-start your transformation … Click Here to work with me.

~Favorite scripture~

But the fruit of the spirit, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, self-control. Against such there is no law.”

Galatians 5:22-23

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