Boosting memory over 40

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Boosting memory over 40

The best way to help your brain work better is to keep your body healthy.  The methods are probably nothing new to you, but the reason these strategies affect brain function may be.

Get Up and Sweat

A lifelong program of regular physical activity is important.  Aerobic exercise boosts circulation and sends more oxygen enriched blood to the brain. The simple act of walking is a workout for the brain as well as the body.  Exercise also helps decrease high blood pressure, which has been associated with mental deterioration.


Think About It

A healthy attitude combined with ongoing mental stimulation is just as important for maintaining the skills of memory and concentration.  Studies show that people who seek new intellectual challenges throughout their lives are more likely to stay mentally alert and active as they get older.  Other research indicates that chronic stress interferes with concentration and damages brain cells.  Meditation and other stress reduction techniques can be a valuable solution.


Colorize Your Diet

Start by eating more colorful fruits and vegetables. By doing this you can protect blood vessels and brain tissues.  On the other hand, high amounts of saturated fats and trans-fatty acids (found in margarine and commercial baked goods) have been found to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  The polyunsaturated fats found in cold-water fish such as salmon, makerel, halibut, and tuna are very beneficial to brain tissues and may protect against mental decline.

Boots your E’s and C’s

Two specific supplements have been found to be especially important to brain function.  A daily dose of 400 IU of vitamin E appears to protect brain cells.  In even high amounts  (1,000 to 2,000 IU per day), it has been shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.  Vitamin C, in doses of 2,000 to 6,000 milligrams daily, may have similar effects.

drinking vitamin c

Learn to Love Lecithin

Lecithin is the source of several chemicals that help maintain healthy brain levels.  Taken in doses of up to 10 grams daily, lecithin is excellent to prevent age-related memory disorders.

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