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Schmidt’s Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant

  • REMOVE PORE CLOGGING PRODUCTS and return your underarms to their natural state so you can make the transition to a natural deodorant without dealing with unwanted odors
  • GENTLY EXFOLIATE YOUR UNDERARMS with soothing ingredients like coconut and green tea, perfect for sensitive skin and gentle enough for daily use
  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL REMOVES UNDERARM ODORS leaving your armpits feeling clean and renewed, enhancing the scent of your natural deodorant and keeping unwelcome scents away
  • EXFOLIATE THE DAY AWAY by massaging our coconut scented underarm scrub into your armpits and rinsing it all away to reveal soft and purified skin
  • ALUMINUM FREE DEODORANT made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc
  • 100% VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE safe for the planet animals and you!


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