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Searching  for the best women’s running shoes? Whether you’re grooving in a dance class or jogging down a trail, you can’t give it your all without the right sneakers.  Nagging problems like wafer thin cushioning or rubbing at the heels can cause you to cut your session short or completely throw in the towel.  So how do you find the perfect pair? Below are some high scoring pairs. Find your sole mate, and get moving!

New Balance Women’s 711 v3 Cross Trainer

womens running shoe

If you’re a dancer or stepper who wants cushioning, flexibility and traction.  Despite its barely there outsole, this shoe has plush cushioning and a sturdy piece of material in the midsole to prevent ankle rolling.  Even during quick side to side moves.

Nike Air Max Trainer One

womens running shoe

Women who mix things up with cardio, weights and classes.  This shoe really absorbs the impact of high-intensity moves.  Like jumping jacks, running and burpees, and it’s super firm midsole is ideal for strength training and cardio machines.

The soft and pliable uppers never rub or dig into skin.  Mesh upper delivers lightweight breathability and provides responsive cushioning.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe

womens running shoe

When searching for the best running shoe don’t skip over this one.  This shoe’s cushioning provided by two layers of padding in the midsole. It feels pillowy soft an after 90 minute session my fee weren’t sore. This is the softest, bounciest cushioning to the absolute max.

Salomon SpeedCross 4 Trail Running Shoes

womens running shoe

Runners who want to cover rugged trails quickly.  At 260g, the SpeedCross 4 makes it easier to power up hills. Firmer midsole cushioning near the instep helps keep the food stable and a deep grooved outsole provides flexibility for pushing off roots and rocks.  Racer appreciated the stay-tight laces that cinch up with just a tub.

Saucony ProGrid Omni 10

womens running shoe

Over pronators (runners whose feet roll in too much).  The dense foam midsole is “firm, but not heavy.” Heel cushioning, from an insert that resembles a tennis racket’s crisscrossed strings, “gives squish free bounce,” while the large gauge mesh upper is roomy in the toe box.” A relay runner adds that her “usual aches from over pronation are gone.”

New Balance 759

womens running shoe

Neutral-stride runners who love plush soled shoes.  The lightweight cushioning feels like you’re running on a cloud and there’s plenty of wiggle room for your toes.  My feet didn’t ache even after an hour long run. It had excellent traction on the outsole makes you feel like you’ll never slip, even on a rainy street.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 6 Running Shoes

womens running shoe

Searching for another women’s running shoes for a 10K or longer race.  This one is a perfect blend of support and cushioning.  Durable midsole material that provides cushion for all day comfort. Breathable mesh upper with less overlays provides a more comfortable and better fitting environment.  The mesh upper provides breathability, key for keeping feet cool on long runs.

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