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Best Treatments for Dermatitis


It’s hard narrowing down the best treatments for dermatitis, since unfortunately there are so many. Dermatitis can be annoying at any age, but can get worst as we age.  Sometimes I experience flare-ups during the winters, when the air tends to be drier.

Dermatitis can also be triggered by an allergic reaction with something that irritates your skin.  No matter what the irritant is, it can be accompanied by swelling, blistering, and itching.  For atopic dermatitis my favorite herbal remedy is evening primrose.

Evening Primrose Oil

In studies, oral doses of evening primrose oil improve all clinical measures of atopic dermatitis, especially itchiness.  The herb gets its therapeutic strength from the gamma-liolenic acid (GLA) that it contains.

When I feel that I need a dose of evening primrose oil, I take two capsules.  You can also buy topical preparations that have 12.5 percent.  When you apply evening primrose oil it can help heal atopic dermatitis.

Borage Oil & Current Oil

Besides evening primrose oil, good sources of GLA are borage oil and currant oil.  If you wish to try either of these herbs, I suggest buying a commercial product and using it according to the label directions.  I also recommend trying chamomile and calendula for relief from atopic dermatitis, because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

You can apply either herb as a compress, using a tea made by steeping several teaspoons of herb in a cup of freshly boiled water for 10 minutes.  Make sure that the tea has cooked before putting it on the affected skin.


Vitamin E Oil for Dermatitis

I don’t know of any herbal remedies for dry-skin dermatitis.  For myself, I use a cream that have aloe and vitamin E. It seems to help.  If it didn’t, I’d try oral dose of vitamin E-400 IU a day. Vitamin E supplements is known to reduce your risk of heart disease.



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