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Do you want to feel confident, lose weight, balance your hormones and live out God’s purpose for your life?

God has set you free and has called you to live abundantly. We have just one life to live here on earth, and only one body to live it out in. Isn’t it time to release the burden of disease, excess weight, and exhaustion so that you can fully live a more fruitful life.

"“In 3 months I've lost 15 pounds. The real success is that I'am living a much fuller, healthier life"

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I’m Andrea- the face behind Fruitfullynourishing! I'm a fitness nutrition and wellness coach who helps Jesus loving women optimize their health so that they can balance their hormones, have more energy and live their best lives. Fruitfullynourishing is a platform that embraces a whole-person perspective, empowerment and support for women who want to lead a healthy, whole and fruitful life.

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