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When you look up proper nutrition, you will often see that you should cut back on sugar. There are actually a lot of reasons to reduce your intake, from saving your teeth so actually boosting your immune system. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider cutting back on your sugar intake.

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Harder to loose weight

Naturally, one of the top reasons to cut back on your sugar intake is because it can help you lose weight. Why sugar is bad for you is because it contains quite a lot of calories just in a very small amount, so whether you are adding sugar to your foods or you are  buying food with sugar already in it, it is going to add more fat and calories, which then causes you to gain weight. When you start reducing just your sugar intake, you will notice that you begin losing weight, almost without even trying. Cutting down on sugar helps to lower your body fat as well, making it easier for you to lose weight and get fit as desired.

It doesn’t contain nutrients

While sugar can be good for adding flavor to certain dishes, it doesn’t have any nutrients that your body needs. You won’t be missing out on important vitamins and minerals just by cutting out sugar. They are the epitome of empty calories, since you are adding to the calories of your dishes, without actually adding any nutrients whatsoever. Not to mention that foods containing a lot of sugar tend to be less nutritious because sugar is a major component, such as with sweets and desserts. Drinks with sugar, such as fruit juice and soft drinks, have so much sugar they don’t have much else that will b good for you.

It’s better for you immune system

Cutting back on sugar can also help give your immune system a nice little boost. Sugar actually adds to inflammation in your body and can make it harder to fight off infections. Another reason sugar is bad for you, is that it lowers your immune system, which then leads to a high risk of the cold, flu, and other similar illnesses. Having sugar in your diet can also lead to high blood pressure, which is another component of damaging your immune system.

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You can have better concentration

Too much sugar in your diet can also slow down your nervous system, which affects your brain and your ability to focus and concentrate. When you don’t have a lot of sugar in your system, you may notice that your energy rises, and as that happens, so does your brain capacity.

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